Are you going to welcome a newborn baby into the household but do not know how to finance the arrival of this baby? Credit consolidation is an effective alternative.

Buy back credits, prepare for baby’s arrival

Buy back credits, prepare for baby

A birth is an event filled with joys but also with worries. As informed parents or young parents, the question of financing this upcoming arrival is a source of questions, especially when the household already has credits in progress.

The grouping of credits precisely makes it possible to combine the various loans into one, which makes it possible to lengthen the duration of repayment and to reduce the amount of the monthly payments. It is also possible to add an amount dedicated to purchases planned for baby, it is optional.

Finance the birth budget

Finance the birth budget

A birth budget is calculated, that is to say that it is necessary to calculate the total of the planned expenses to be able to find a financing solution, whether savings, credit or repurchase of credit. There are therefore several types of expenses to plan for: food, hygiene and care, clothing, toys, furniture, equipment, health and others.

For food, you need between 3 and 4 cans of milk at a price of 20 $ (80 $ per month maximum). For hygiene (diapers, soap, cream), we are about 100 $ per month. Clothes, count 5 $ per bodysuit and pajamas, only about 100 $ for the first 6 months. The early learning, rattle and mobile toys will cost around 40 $. Furniture (bed, wardrobe, changing table and others), around $ 500. The equipment (baby carrier, bottle, bottle warmer, cooking, bibs, high chair, pram, stroller, playpen, car seat, etc.) around 800 $. For health (visits once a month, vaccines, illnesses), the pediatrician’s fees are at least $ 28.

Savings, credit or buy back baby credit?

Savings, credit or buy back baby credit?

In total, the birth budget for the first 6 months can reach: $ 480 + $ 600 + $ 100 + $ 40 + $ 500 + $ 800 + $ 168 = $ 2,688. If the household wants to save, they will have to put $ 298 aside each month, an amount almost impossible for the majority of people.

Credit is also a short-term solution, especially with the offers of unassigned personal loans. If the household already has loans in progress, there is no risk of accumulating yet another loan, as much to finance the project by including it in a grouping of loans. To simulate this project, it’s free and without obligation. Just complete the simulation form, the result is very fast.

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