Google application replacing the “More” tab and access to new settings


While Discover and Assistant Snapshot have undergone a handful of visual overhauls in recent years, the rest of the Google app has remained the same. Google is currently testing a settings overhaul on Android that removes the “More” tab.

Update 9/28: The initial rollout skipped Pixel phones running Android 12. With the Google app 12.38 (in beta) today, the “More” tab has been removed on all Android 12 devices.

Update 8/6: After being spotted for the first time at the beginning of last month, the removal of the “More” tab is being rolled out to more devices. Besides reducing your bottom bar to four sections, thereby affecting muscle memory, Google generates a “Find settings, reminders and more” prompt that cycles through different icons.

Google also marks your data in Search, Settings and Help and Comments with blue dots. This overhaul is a server side change with recent versions of the Google app, but not yet available to everyone.

Original 7/1: The main change underway is the removal of the “More” tab, leaving only four sections – Discover, Snapshot, Search and Collections – in the bottom bar. (This last bookmark feature could also be due to a complete overhaul of “Memory”.)

Google has moved everything in the menu that appears when users tap on their profile avatar, just like the Play Store and Maps. You still have an account selector and options like “User without an account” and “Search history”, but this is now joined by “Recents”, “Reminders”, “Your data in search” and, above all, “Settings”. This is similar to the approach found on the Google iOS app.

Meanwhile, this preference list adds “Labs” and “Search Widget” from the aforementioned tab. It also happens to use the Google Sans Text font.

One user reported receiving this “Plus” removal in the Google app 12.25 (beta), but it is not yet widely deployed.

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