Android auto-locate issues fixed with the latest Google app update


Google has released fixes for some localization issues with Android Auto. A new update for the platform fixes an issue where the Assistant would retrieve results based on the user’s registered home address instead of their current location. If anyone asked, say “nearby gas stations,” Android Auto would display the results as if the user were at home. It would be really frustrating or even problematic when you are on the road, especially if you are away from home. You might be out of gas and your car’s dashboard screen won’t tell you if there is a gas station near you.

The same bug also affected the weather results. No matter where the user is located, the weather app would continue to show the weather conditions in their hometown. It would not be updated to their current location.

Many Android Auto users have been experiencing these issues for at least several months. There are threads dating back to March of this year on the official Google forums as well as Reddit reporting these issues. Google has now released fixes for them.

A community specialist on Google’s Android Auto team has confirmed that the fix for these localization issues is being rolled out. “Thanks for all the feedback. The Assistant team has deployed a fix for this issue. Please update your Google app to the latest version, which should fix the issue. Thanks!” read the official press release.

Android Auto has another problem

Google recently struggled to do everything right with its Android Auto platform. From time to time, we hear reports of issues on the platform. Sometimes Android Auto would stop playing music in the background, while sometimes the connection would drop when the phone was locked and unlocked.

There have also been several instances of device specific issues. OnePlus users reported slow loading of apps after the OxygenOS 11 update based on Android 11. Several Pixel users also reported an issue where the connection automatically switches from transferring files to charging only whenever they connect their phone.

What’s even more frustrating for users is that it often takes Google months to release fixes for Android Auto issues. Worse yet, official fixes sometimes don’t help. They fail to resolve the problem.

Hopefully the official fix for these issues with wizard failure to extract results based on user’s current location will work. If you are facing this issue, you can search for an update for the Google app on the Play Store.

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